Project-Level Data

Get project records from the database:

Static Files

Download the files used for the working paper:
Version File Type Size (kb)
1.1 XLSX 1764
1.0 XLSX 2855

Geocoded Data

Download the full geocode dataset. It can be joined with the project-level datasets using the project id.

Dynamic Files

Get a custom dataset by searching the database and exporting your results.

Aggregate data

Get aggregated data from the dataset:

Custom queries:

You can make a custom dataset at the aggregate exporter by selecting fields and choosing how to aggregate and filter the projects.

Recommended queries:

Official flows by recipient and year ODA-like flows by recipient and year Official flows by recipient, year, sector and flow class ODA-like flows by recipient, year, and sector

Supporting Data

The following web services are employed by the China database:

Loan Calculations

Grant element is calculated by the AidData Loan Calculator. For details see: