Tracking Chinese Development Finance - Beta

Tracking Chinese Development Finance - Beta


Project-Level Data

Get project records from the database:

Static Files

Download the files used for the working paper:
Version File Type Size (kb)
1.1 XLSX 1764
1.0 XLSX 2855

Geocoded Data

Download the full geocode dataset. It can be joined with the project-level datasets using the project id.

Dynamic Files

Get a custom dataset by searching the database and exporting your results.

Aggregate data

Get aggregated data from the dataset:

Custom queries:

You can make a custom dataset at the aggregate exporter by selecting fields and choosing how to aggregate and filter the projects.

Recommended queries:

Official flows by recipient and year ODA-like flows by recipient and year Official flows by recipient, year, sector and flow class ODA-like flows by recipient, year, and sector

Supporting Data

The following web services are employed by the China database:


Deflators are drawn from the USD-2009 web service. See the page for information about the service and API or contact us for more info.

Loan Calculations

Grant element is calculated by the AidData Loan Calculator. For details see: