Tracking Chinese Development Finance - Beta

Tracking Chinese Development Finance - Beta

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For official release versions of the China in Africa dataset, please visit Downloads. The dataset on Global Chinese Foreign Assistance is scheduled for official release in Q3 2017. We do not recommend using the data on this dashboard for research purposes since this is preliminary and being worked on presently.

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ID Donor Title Year Recipients Amount (USD-2014)
32371 China 23rd Medical Team to Equatorial Guinea 2006 Equatorial Guinea
39076 China A fifth of the Confucius Institute in Brazil - Sao Paulo FAAP Business Confucius Institute was formally inaugurated 2012 Brazil
38283 China China Development Bank and Uruguayan Nuevo Banco Comercial S.A. signed a 10 million USD cooperative agreement 2010 Uruguay $12,576,980.88
19626 China China EXIM Loans $25 Mn USD to Develop E-government network in Togo 2010 Togo $31,442,452.20
38227 China China National Offshore Oil Corporation signs joint venture on energy cooperation with Brunei National Petroleum Corporation 2011 Brunei
41283 China China agreed to provide $1.8 billion USD finance to 7 steel projects in Iran. 2014 Iran $2,388,120,733.72
34164 China China builds Narsingdi Chinese Culture Center in Bangladesh 2006 Bangladesh
37882 China China completes 4.8 million NZD courthouse 2004 Cook Islands $6,556,594.78
42922 China China donates 4 million Euro to build Rajko Zinzifov primary school in Kisela Voda, Macedonia (linked to project #42923) 2014 Macedonia, FYR $5,306,934.96
30288 China China extends $42.6 million USD interest free loan to Tanzania-Zambia Railway Authority (linked to project ID#30287 and ID#40802) 2012 Tanzania, Zambia $45,114,909.52
40465 China China gives 160mil yuan worth of aid to Mongolia for Buyant-Ukhaa sports complex 2008 Mongolia $31,750,906.46
44962 China China grants Lebanon 15 million yuan to aid Syrian refugees (Linked to #40949) 2012 Lebanon $2,516,586.49
2372 China China launched the construction of a 50,000 capacity stadium worth more than $50 million USD in Conakry 2007 Guinea $81,376,594.62
32061 China China pledges 50 million yuan grant to Cambodia (linked to Project ID #32063) 2005 Cambodia $11,984,691.71
37085 China China's Ambassador to Colombia Donated Tractors 2006 Colombia
38302 China China's ambassador to Suriname completes donation of school supplies to St. Luis School 2013 Suriname
33828 China Chinese Government to Give Loans for the expansion of the Dongmarkkhai water supply project 2013 Laos $93,782,861.79
38196 China Confucius Institute at the Univ. of Canterbury Opened a Resource Center at Southern Institute of Technology 2013 New Zealand $8,338.10
1728 China Donation to a Local Agriculture Group--Diversity Farm (DF) 2010 Liberia $176.14
39099 China Joint China-Venezuela Fund Tranche B - Renewal 2 2015 Venezuela $5,091,480,220.82
1271 China Kenya recieves 960 million KHS as part of continuing economic and technical cooperation (linked to #44545) 2010 Kenya $7,619,223.38
1745 China Malaria Prophylactic Therapeutic Demonstration Centre 2006 Ghana
37538 China Sinohydro signs contract with PDVSA for $1.038 billion El Palito Thermoelectric Plant 2011 Venezuela $776,991,128.06
37476 China The Governments of China and Bolivia signed Debt Relief Protocol 2008 Bolivia
35896 China ZTE plans to invest $10 million USD in the production of equipment in Brazil 2004 Brazil $20,607,941.14
37541 China $1 bln Credit Line for Venezuelan Mining Industry 2009 Venezuela $1,357,098,787.56
887 China $1 million grant for budget support (Linked to project ID#22580) 2005 Guinea-Bissau $1,964,127.18
31002 China $1.1b Loan from Exim Bank to Develop Hydropower Plants in Kenya 2013 Kenya $1,118,428,700.28
38278 China $1.23 bln Joint China Development Bank and China Exim Loan for Shipbuilding in Brazil 2010 Brazil $1,546,968,648.16
30440 China $1.5 billion loan from China Development Bank 2012 Sudan $1,588,553,152.18
34354 China $10 million grant for economic and technical assistance 2001 Nepal $22,734,905.59
37808 China $10.2 bln US (70 bill RMB) Loan Joint China-Venezuela Fund for Infrastructure Projects, RMB denominated [Linked to #37833 and #37804] 2010 Venezuela $12,828,520.50
34701 China $100 million loan for hybrid rice production (Linked to Project ID #34702 #38626 #34534 #34576) 2000 Philippines $232,048,146.24
33822 China $103 million loan for construction of Nam Theun 2 Irrigation System 2010 Laos $129,542,903.06
38799 China $115 million grant for economic and technical assistance 2010 Nepal $34,167,478.98
34363 China $12.43 million grant to assist with Nepal's budget deficit 2005 Nepal $24,414,100.84
34396 China $15 million grant for development projects 2008 Nepal $20,683,696.40
35974 China $2 bln Investment in Oil [Linked to #35972] 2006 Venezuela $3,678,821,985.90
34073 China $2.5 million interest-free loan for development of technical expertise of the entrepreneurs 2007 Bangladesh $4,068,829.73
38552 China $20 million grant for budgetary support 2012 Nepal $21,180,708.70
38360 China $20 million grant for construction of Syabrubensi-Rasuwagadi highway 2001 Nepal $45,469,811.18
2035 China $20 million interest-free loan to build fish-landing sites 2010 Ghana $25,153,961.76