What we've published

In addition to creating and maintaining the raw data, AidData creates a variety of research products and publications that rely on the data to analyze the nature, scale, distribution and impact of non-DAC development finance. Most recently we have published:

Name Author(s) About
‘Ground-truthing’ Chinese development finance in Africa: Field evidence from South Africa and Uganda Edwin Muchapondwa, Daniel Nielson, Bradley Parks, Austin M. Strange, and Michael J. Tierney Journal of Development Studies, 2016
Aid on Demand: African Leaders and the Geography of China’s Foreign Assistance Axel Dreher, Andreas Fuchs, Roland Hodler, Bradley C. Parks, Paul A. Raschky, and Michael J. Tierney Working Paper - AidData, 2016
Rogue aid? An empirical analysis of China's aid allocation Andreas Fuchs, Axel Dreher Canadian Journal of Economics, 2016
Apples and Dragon Fruits: The Determinants of Aid and Other Forms of State Financing from China to Africa Axel Dreher, Andreas Fuchs, Bradley Parks, Austin M. Strange, Michael J. Tierney Discussion Paper Series - University of Heidelburg, 2016
10 Essential Facts About Chinese Aid in Africa Brad Parks National Interest, 2015
AidData’s Methodology for Tracking Underreported Financial Flows Austin M. Strange, Bradley Parks, Charles Perla and Harsh Desai AidData, 2015
Tracking Under-Reported Financial Flows: China’s Development Finance and the Aid-Conflict Nexus Revisited Austin M. Strange, Bradley Parks, Michael J. Tierney, Andreas Fuchs, and Axel Dreher Journal of Conflict Resolution , 2015
AidData's Methodology for Tracking Underreported Financial Flows Version 1.1 Austin M. Strange, Brian O’Donnell, Daniel Gamboa, Bradley Parks, and Charles Perla AidData, 2014
Aid to Africa: Helpful or Harmful Bradley C. Parks and Austin M. Strange China Economic Quarterly, 2014
China's Development Finance to Africa: A Media-Based Approach to Data Collection Austin Strange, Bradley C. Parks, Michael J. Tierney, Andreas Fuchs, Axel Dreher, and Vijaya Ramachandran Center for Global Development, 2014
Why we need better data on Chinese aid Brad Parks, Vijaya Ramachandran and Austin Strange Devex, 2013
AidData’s Media-Based Data Collection Methodology Austin M. Strange, Brian O’Donnell, Daniel Gamboa, and Bradley Parks AidData, 2013

How others are using our data

Name Author(s) About
China’s engagement with development assistance for health in Africa Mohon Shajalal, Junfang Xu, Jun Jing, Madeleine King, Jie Zhang, Peicheng Wang, Jennifer Bouey, Feng Cheng Journal Article - Global Health Research and Policy, 2017
ARE "NEW" DONORS CHALLENGING WORLD BANK CONDITIONALITY? Diego Hernandez Journal Article - World Development, 2017
The effects of China's aid and trade on its ODI in African countries Yan Dong, Cijun Fan Journal Article - Emerging Markets Review, 2017
Enhancing Transparency of Climate Finance Under the Paris Agreement: Lessons from Experience Jane Ellis, Sara Moarif OECD, 2017
Determinants of China's and Japan's Foreign Aid Allocations in Africa Fumitaka Furuoka Journal Article - African Development Review, 2017
Optimal Aid Allocation by Recipient, and Aid Effectiveness by Donor: Old and New Donors Sven Tengstam 2017
Does good governance matter more for energy investment? Evidence from sub-Saharan Africa Amadou N.R. Sy and Mariama Sow 2017
Does Conditionality Still Work? China's Development Assistance and Democracy in Africa Xiaojun Li Journal Article - Chinese Political Science Review, 2017
Is China eroding the bargaining power of traditional donors in Africa? Haley J. Swedlund Journal Article - International Affairs, 2017
Aid, institutions and economic growth in sub-Saharan Africa: Heterogeneous donors and heterogeneous responses Hassen Abda Wako Journal Artical - Review of Development Economics, 2017
Kenya in the new development finance landscape Annalisa Prizzon and Tom Hart Policy Paper - Overseas Development Institute, 2016
Why give it away when you need it yourself? Understanding public support for foreign aid in China Zhiming Cheng & Russell Smyth Journal Article - T&F Online, 2016
China and the African State Evidence from Surveys, Survey Experiments, and Behavioral Games in Liberia Robert A. Blair, Philip Roessler Working Paper - 2016
Recent Trends in Development Finance in Africa and the Role of the African Development Fund AFDB Working Paper - AFDB, 2016
Aid, Politics, Culture, and Growth Anna Minasyan Gottingen, 2016
Why and how might a new measure of development cooperation be helpful? Homi Kharas, Andrew Rogerson Working Paper - Brookings, 2016
Fueling Conflict? (De)Escalation and Bilateral Aid Gassebner, Martin; Bluhm, Richard; Langlotz, Sarah; Schaudt, Paul Conference Paper - Vereins für Socialpolitik, 2016
Effects of FDI Flows on Institutional Development: Does It Matter Where the Investors are from? Firat Demir Elsevier, 2016
Does Legalization Reduce Black Market Activity? Evidence From A Global Ivory and Elephant Poaching Data Solomon Hsiang, Nitin Sekar Working Paper - NBER, 2016
The political and economic dynamics of foreign aid: A case study of United States and Chinese aid to Sub-Sahara Africa Kafayat Amusa, Nara Monkam and Nicola Viegi Working Paper - Economic Research Southern Africa (ERSA), 2016
An age of choice for development finance: evidence from country case studies Annalisa Prizzon, Romilly Greenhill, Shakira Mustapha Research Report - Overseas Development Institute, 2016
Uganda in the new development finance landscape Fiona Davis, Cathal Long, Martin Wabwire Policy Paper - Overseas Development Institute, 2016
Viet Nam in the new development finance landscape Annalisa Prizzon and Maya Schmaljohann Policy Paper - Overseas Development Institute, 2016
Lao People’s Democratic Republic in the new development finance landscape Shakira Mustapha and Romilly Greenhill Policy Paper - Overseas Development Institute, 2016
The influence of China and emerging donors aid allocation: A recipient perspective Eric Gabin Kilama Journal Article - Elsevier, 2016
China’s Soft Power in Sudan: Increasing Activity but How Effective? Daniel Johanson Book Chapter - Palgrave Macmillan US, 2016
Independent Power Projects in Sub-Saharan Africa Anton Eberhard, Katharine Gratwick, Elvira Morella, and Pedro Antmann Working Paper - World Bank, 2016
Chinese aid and local corruption Ann-Sofie Isaksson and Andreas Kotsadam WORKING PAPER - University of Gothenburg, 2016
Plasmodium falciparum malaria importation from Africa to China and its mortality: an analysis of driving factors Shengjie Lai, et al Journal Article - Scientific Reports, 2016
The Geopolitical Relevance of Piraeus and China’s New Silk Road for Southeast Europe and Turkey Frans-Paul van der Putten (ed.), Francesco Saverio Montesano, Johan van de Ven, Peter van Ham Working Paper - 2016
Analysing the Development Implications of Technological Innovations from China to SSA economies: A Conceptual Framework Richmond Atta-Ankomah Journal Article - Open University, 2015
Intra-Regional Trade In Africa And The Impact Of Chinese Intervention: A Gravity Model Approach P Khosla Journal Article - Journal of Economic Development, 2015
Investing in Sub-Saharan Africa: The Growing Presence of China Investment in Sub-Saharan Africa EMM Omoruyi Working Paper - 2015
Domestic Actors and Agendas in Chinese Aid Policy Merriden Varrall The Pacific Review, 2015
No Reservations: International Order and Demand for the Renminbi as a Reserve Currency Steven Liao and Daniel E. McDowell Working Paper - International Studies Quarterly, 2015
China, Autocratic Patron? An Empirical Investigation of China as a Factor in Autocratic Survival Julia Bader International Studies Quarterly, 2015
China and Africa: Expanding Economic Ties in an Evolving Global Context Miria Pigato and Wenxia Tang Investing in Africa Forum, 2015
The Future of Aid: Building Knowledge Collectively Ruth Levine and William Savedoff Center for Global Development, 2015
Beyond the Millenium Development Goals: A Southern Perspective on a Global New Deal Jayati Ghosh Journal of International Development - Wiley Online Library, 2015
Right Priorities for Africa’s Power Sector: An Evaluation of Dams Under the Programme for Infrastructure Development in Africa (PIDA) Rudo Sanyanga, Ange Asanzi, Erskine Mdone, Josh Klemm and Gus Greenstein International Rivers, 2015
Without Strings: Chinese Foreign Aid and Regime Stability in Energy Exporting Countries Huan-Kai Tseng and Ryan Krog George Washington University, 2015
Institutional Differences and the Direction of Bilateral Foreign Direct Investment Flows: Are South–South Flows any Different than the Rest? Firat Demir Journal Article - The World Economy, 2015
Evidences on Donors Competition in Africa: Traditional Donors versus China Eric Gabin Kilama Journal Article - Journal of International Development, 2015
China's international development finance Jiajun Xu and Richard Carey UNU Wider, 2015
Developing country finance in a post-2020 global climate agreement Phillip M. Hannam, Zhenliang Liao, Steven J. Davis, & Michael Oppenheimer Journal Article - NATURE CLIMATE CHANGE, 2015
China's Contribution to Development Cooperation: Ideas, Opportunities and Finances Justin Yifu Lin and Yan Wang Working Paper - Fondation pour les études et recherches sur le développement international, 2015
Chinese Aid and Africa’s Pariah States Roudabeh Kishi, Clionadh Raleigh Working Paper, 2015
Trade and Financial Flows in Africa's Growth: Some implications for the environment J de Melo Working Paper - FERDI, 2015
The Global Strategic Effects of South-South Foreign Aid Stephen D. Collins New England Journal of Political Science, 2015
Who and What Influences the Allocation of China’s Foreign Aid in Africa Jia Li East Asia Society for Tomorrow, 2015
Demand-Driven Data: How Partner Countries are Gathering Chinese Development Cooperation Information Liv Bjornestad United Nations Development Programme, 2015
DEVELOPMENT FUTURES IN KENYA AND TANZANIA BEYOND 2015 Jyrki Luukkanen, Peter Kuria, Mira Käkönen, Kamilla Karhunmaa, Joni Karjalainen, Rasna Warah, Colman Msoka and Kaisa Toroskainen Working Paper - FINLAND FUTURES RESEARCH CENTRE, 2015
New actors, financial mechanisms and reformed aid reporting: What role for SRHR in post-2015 financing for development? Karen Hoehna, Johanna Stratmannb, Peter Schafflerc Reproductive Health Matters, 2015
Growth of Chinese trade and investment flows in DR Congo – blessing or curse? Malancha Chakrabarty Review of African Political Economy, 2015
Finding Cash for Infrastructure in Addis: Blending, Lending and Guarantees in Finance for Development Charles Kenny Center for Global Development, 2015
Propping up dictators? Economic cooperation from China and its impact on authoritarian persistence in party and non-party regimes Julia Bader European Journal of Political Research, 2015
A Rival to the West? Comparing the Effects of Chinese and World Bank Health Aid on Health Outcomes in Sub-Saharan Africa Isabella DoCampo W&M, 2015
Brazilian Health and Agricultural Cooperation in Angola João Moura M. da Fonseca; Paulo Luiz M. L. Esteves; Geovana Zoccal Gomes BRICS Policy Center, 2015
Fifteen Years of South Africa-China Relations and Beyond L Guijin Book - Africa Institute of South Africa, 2015
How native cultural values influence African journalists' perceptions of China: in-depth interviews with journalists of Baganda descent in Uganda Jiang Chang & Hailong Ren Journal Article - T&F Online, 2015
Going Out’ or Staying In? The Expansion of Chinese NGOs in Sub-Saharan Africa Jennifer Hsu, Timothy Hildebrandt, Reza Hasmath Working Paper, 2015
The Export and Import Bank of China and the China Development Bank: understanding the environmental regulations of China’s overseas development assistance Tariqul Islam ActionAid, 2014
China Investment Africa Dominic Dudley et. al. How others are using our data - China Investment, China, 2014
South African relations with China and Taiwan Economic realism and the ‘One-China’ doctrine Sven Grimm, Yejoo Kim, and Ross Anthony , Robert Attwell and Xin Xiao Center for Chinese Studies, 2014
China-Africa co-operation in structural transformation: Ideas, opportunities, and finances Justin Yifu Lin and Yan Wang United Nations University World Institute for Development Economics Research, 2014
China’s Investment in Africa Kirk Lancaster Chicago Journal of Foreign Policy, 2014
LOS BRICS y AFRICA: Comercio, Inversión y Desarrollo Rafael Gómez-Jordana Moya Iberglobal, 2014
Ranking Foreign Aid Agency Best Practices: New Donors, New Findings Liya Palagashvili and Claudia R. Williamson George Mason University, 2014
Confronting the Curse: The Economics and Geopolitics of Natural Resource Governance Cullen S. Hendrix and Marcus Noland Peterson Institute for International Economics, 2014
Energy Investment in Africa by the United States, Europe and China Giorgio Gualberti, Morgan Bazilian and Todd Moss International Association for Energy Economics, 2014
Tracking the flow of health aid from BRICS countries Victoria Y Fan, Karen A Grépin, Gordon C Shen & Lucy Chen Health Aid from the BRICS - World Health Organization, 2014
China's Provincial Diplomacy to Africa: Applications to Health Cooperation Gordon C. Shen & Victoria Y. Fan Health Aid - Contemporary Politics, 2014
JICA-RI Releases a Report on China's Foreign Aid: Working Paper "Estimating China's Foreign Aid 2001-2013" Naohiro Kitano and Yukinori Harada Japan International Cooperation Agency , 2014
The Changing Aid Landscape in East Asia: The Rise of Non-DAC Providers The Asia Foundation The Asia Foundation, 2014
Debt sustainability in HIPCs in a new age of choice Annalisa Prizzon and Shakira Mustapha Overseas Development Institute, 2014
Changing China, Changing Africa: Future Contours of an Emerging Relationship Martyn Davies, Peter Draper and Hannah Edinger Asian Economic Policy Review, 2014
China's Foreign Aid at a Transitional Stage Naohiro Kitano Asian Economic Policy Review, 2014
China's Development Finance: What Issues for Reporting and Monitoring Systems? Jiajun Xu andRichard Carey IDS Bulletin, 2014
Foreign Aid and Development in Sino-African Relations Efem N. Ubi Journal of Developing Societies, 2014
China's Distinctive Engagement in Global Health Peilong Liu, Yan Guo, Xu Qian, Shenglan Tang, Zhihui Li, Lincoln Chen The Lancet , 2014
MAKING PROGRESS ON FOREIGN AID Nancy Qian National Bureau of Economic Research, 2014
Confucius Institutes and the Globalization of China’s Soft Power R.S. Zaharna, Jennifer Hubbert, and Falk Hartig USC Center for Public Diplomacy, 2014
China’s Trade and Investment in Financial Services with Africa Wen Jin Yuan United States International Trade Commission (USITC) , 2014
New Friends, Old Friends? The World Bank and Africa When the Chinese Are Coming Dominik Kopinski and Qian Sun Global Governance , 2014
Biodiversity Impacts of Chinese Economic Activities in Africa Jan Willem van Gelder et al 2014
Mapping of sources and uses of information on external development finance Fernando Prada FORO Nacional Internacional , 2014
HOW IS POWER SHARED IN AFRICA? Patrick Francois, Ilia Rainer, and Francesco Trebbi National Bureau of Economic Research , 2014
Quantifying Chinese Public Financing for Foreign Coal Power Plants Takahiro Ueno, Miki Yanagi, and Jane Nakano The University of Tokyo, 2014
China’s role as a global health donor in Africa: what can we learn from studying under reported resource flows? Karen A Grépin, Victoria Y Fan, Gordon C Shen and Lucy Chen Globalization and Health, 2014
L’empreinte chinoise en Afrique Jean-Raphaël Chaponnière Revue d'économie financière, 2014
Perspectives on South Africa-China Relations at 15 Years Chapter by Liu Guijing Africa Institute of South Africa, 2014
The political economy of the United Nations Security Council: money and influence James Raymond Vreeland and Axel Dreher Book - Cambridge University Press, 2014
China and the BRICS Development Bank: legitimacy and multilateralism in South–South cooperation AE Abdenur Institute of Development Studies, 2014
Bartering Globalization: China's Commodity‐backed Finance in Africa and Latin America Deborah Brautigam and Kevin Gallagher Journal Article - Global Policy, 2014
Energy investments in Africa by the US, Europe and China Giorgio Gualberti, Morgan Bazilian and Todd Moss Journal Article - International Association for Energy Economics, 2014
De-Americanizing Soft Power Discourse? R.S. Zaharna, Jennifer Hubbert, and Falk Hartig US Center on Public Diplomacy at the Annenberg School - Figueroa Press, 2014
Geopolitics and the International Development Paradigm M Klaasse Working Paper - UVA, 2014
When do developing countries follow international regulatory benchmarks? Evidence from Latin America Andreas Fuchs and Jale Tosun Working Paper - 2014
Aid and the environment in Africa: A synthesis of eight case studies Edwin Muchapondwa Working Paper - UNU Wider, 2014
Chinese Engagement in Africa: Drivers, Reactions, and Implications for U.S. Policy Larry Hanauer and Lyle Morris How others are using our data - RAND Corporation, 2014
Why China matters Brian D Johnston Editorial - Injury Prevention, 2014
Taiwan's health aid: a call for transparency Victoria Fan and Feng-Jen Tsai Journal Article - ProQuest, 2014
Theories and practice of “soft power”: their relevance for China (as a rising power) in its relationship with African states Farhana Paruk University of South Africa, Pretoria, 2014
Toward a Future Beyond Employment M Cangul Book - Palgrave MacMillan, 2014
Understanding Chinese and Western development finance in Uganda, South Africa, and Zimbabwe Edwin Muchapondwa and Samson Mukanjari Working Paper - EconStor, 2014
Management of the International Development Aid System Aid System and the Creation of Political Space for China:The Case of Tanzania Mitsuaki Furukawa Working Paper - JICA, 2014
Africa Ahead: The Next 50 Years Mo Ibrahim Foundation How others are using our data - Mo Ibrahim Foundation, 2013
Did My Aid Do That? Chinese Aid and Human Rights Performance G Mann Working Paper - Eagle Feather, 2013
China's Energy Investment in Africa and the Sustainable Energy Development of the Continent GU Bowen 2013
Nowe centrum i nowe peryferia połowy XXI wieku Konrad Prandecki, Nawrot Katarzyna, and Mirosław Wawrzyński Journal Article - Central European Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities, 2013
Democratization at the Margins Bann Seng Tan Working Paper - Social Science Research Network, 2013
Emerging trends and patterns in China–Africa media dynamics: A discussion from an East African perspective Bob Wekesa Journal Article - T&F Online, 2013
Digital Activism and Non‐Violent Conflict Frank Edwards, Philip N. Howard, Mary Joyce Working Paper - Social Science Research Network, 2013
New donors Axel Dreher, Andreas Fuchs, Peter Nunnenkamp Journal Article - International Interactions, T&F Online, 2013
'Nieuwe' Spelers, oude praktijken? Wil Hout and Ward Warmerdam Jaargang, 2013
From DC to the PRC: Examining the Strategies and Consequences of U.S. Funding for Chinese Civil Society Holly E. Fetter Stanford University, 2013
China's Development Finance to Africa – Risks and Opportunities for DAC Donors Dr Stefan Lindemann KFW Development Bank, 2013
Governance and Growth in Nigeria: Examining the Competing Bilateral Economic Relationships Among Nigeria, China and the United States, 2001-2011 Saidat Ilo SSRN, 2013
The Index of Global Philanthropy and Remittances with a Special Report on Emerging Economies Yulya Spantchak The Hudson Institute, 2013
Chinese Investment in Africa: Avenues for Academic Scholarship Lite J. Nartey and Stephen J. Mezias INSEAD, 2013
Bereft of Friends? – Analyzing Foreign Policy Similarity with China in the UN National Assembly Georg Strüver German Institute of Global and Area Studies, 2012
The European Union, Africa and New Donors Axel Dreher, Juan Carlos Vilanova Pardo, Alejandra Suarez Aller, Andreas Fuchs Working Paper - Europa, 2011

What others are saying about China in Africa

In addition, the following non-comprehensive collections of Chinese project data proved useful to AidData researchers, and were often consulted during the data collection process.

Know of any additional publications with data on official Chinese finance? We want to see them! Why not let us know?
Name Description Author Publisher Category
Cameroon Export Import Bank News This site gives news related information about Cameroon loans from the Exim Bank. Cameroon's Export Import Bank Cameroon's Export Import Bank Export Finance
Center for Chinese Studies Research Reports This website features policy briefs and research paper about China-Africa aid. Center for Chinese Studies Center for Chinese Studies General Information
Farmland and Water: China invests abroad This paper seeks to explain China's investment strategy abroad. Carin Smaller, Qiu Wei and Liu Yalan International Institute for Sustainable Development Chinese investment and special economic zones, Agriculture
A study on Chinese economic relations with Africa: Case study, Kenya This paper examines Chinese-Kenyan diplomatic and military relations, as well as trade and investment. It also identifies features of Chinese aid to Kenya. Patrick Mutua Kioko Prime Journal of Business Administration and Management General Information
Economic Statecraft in China’s New Overseas Special Economic Zones This paper examines China’s program to establish overseas special economic zones as one tool of Beijing’s economic statecraft. Deborah Brautigam and Tang Xiaoyang International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) Chinese investment and special economic zones
Rehabilitation and Recovery in the Power Sector This brief explains the power supply network in Zimbabwe. African Development Bank African Development Bank Infrastructure, including ICT, roads, hydropower
Briefing Rumours and Realities of Chinese Agricultural Engagement in Mozambique This paper provides access to Deborah Brautigam's data on Chinese agricultural development in Mozambique. Oxford University, African Affairs Oxford University, African Affairs Agriculture
Financing a parallel government? The involvement of the secret police and military in Zimbabwe’s diamond, cotton and property sectors This report reveals the connections between Chinese investors, the Zimbabwean secret police and a group of companies. Global Witness Global Witness General Information
China and Nigeria: a Powerful South-South Alliance This paper features information about Chinese-Nigerian diplomatic relations, trade, investment and oil. Margaret Egbula and Qi Zheng Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development Chinese State Relations, General Information
China's Importance to the African Resource Sector This paper explains China's importance to the African resource sector. Nitesh Dullabh The Beijing Axis General Information
Export Finance Activities by the Chinese Government This paper analyzes the functions of Chinese export finance activities and their implications for OECD members and China's partner developing countries. European Parliament, Policy Department of the Directorate-General for External Policies European Parliament Export Finance
China-Africa Cooperation in Transportation Networks (in Chinese) This document follows China-Africa cooperation in transportation networks. It is written in Chinese. Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China Infrastructure, including ICT, roads, hydropower
Chinese Medical Cooperation In Africa With Special Emphasis on the Medical Teams and Anti-Malaria Campaign This paper explores medical cooperation between China and Africa. Li Anshan Nordiska Afrika Institute Health
2011 Investment Climate Statement - Sierra Leone This paper assesses Sierra Leone as a potential for investment, noting Chinese FDI and investments. US Department of State US Department of State Chinese investment and special economic zones
White paper: China's foreign aid This paper describes China's foreign aid. Chinese Ministry of Commerce Chinese Ministry of Commerce Chinese state relations
Africa’s ICT Infrastructure Building on the Mobile Revolution This paper documents Africa's major ICT infrastructure projects. Mark D. J. Williams, Rebecca Mayer, and Michael Minges World Bank Infrastructure, including ICT, roads, hydropower
CORPORATE STRUCTURE AND HISTORY This is a narrative of CITIC Dameng Investment's corporate structure and history, written by members of the company. It contains a detailed history of how several Chinese mining firms are related to each other and the deals on which they've collaborated Hong Kong Exchanges News Hong Kong Exchanges News Chinese investment and special economic zones
Chinese Outward Investment This link contains an excel sheet of Chinese investments, contracts, and troubled projects worldwide. Heritage Foundation Heritage Foundation Chinese investment and special economic zones
China and the Horn of Africa This paper explores Chinese trade, investment and state relations with the horn of Africa. David H. Shinn Middle East Studies Association of Washington, D.C. General Information
PRC Agreements with Foreign Countries This paper contains information about Chinese agreements with foreign countries. Liu Jen-Kai German Institute of Global and Area Studies Chinese state relations
The East-West Highway This article discusses Chinese corruption during construction of the East-West Highway in Algeria. The Majalla: The Leading Arab Magazine Majalla, the Leading Arab Magazine Infrastructure, including ICT, roads, hydropower
Evaluating China’s FOCAC commitments to Africa and mapping the way ahead This is a country by country assessment of China's FOCAC commitments to Africa. Tracy Hon, Johanna Jansson, Professor Garth Shelton, Dr. Liu Haifang, Christopher Burke and Carine Kiala Center for Chinese Studies General Information
Chinese Tenders in Africa This document lists project tenders from all over Africa, includes many for Chinese projects. Sub Sahara Africa Built Environment Sub Sahara Africa Built Environment General Information
China in Africa: a Strategic Overview This document gives a comprehensive view of China's dealings in Africa. It provides very detailed information. AidData researchers used it specifically for Angola. Executive Research Associates (Pty) Ltd Executive Research Associates General Information
The Impact of Chinese Investment and Trade on Nigeria Economic Growth This paper examines the impact of Chinese foreign direct investment and bilateral trade with Nigerian economic growth. Djeri-wake Nabine United Nations Economic Commission for Africa Chinese investment and special economic zones
China's Energy Footprint in Africa This briefing contains visualizations of China's energy footprint in Africa. Institute of Developing Economies Institute of Developing Economies Energy
China’s Investment in African Special Economic Zones: This paper examines Chinese investment and special economic zones in Africa. Deborah Brautigam and Tang Xiaoyang World Bank Chinese investment and special economic zones
China’s Role in Infrastructure Development in Botswana This paper explores how Botswana's regulatory environment and commitment to accountability and transparency provide perspective on China changing role in the infrastructure sector in Africa. Anna Ying Chen South African Institute of International Affairs Infrastructure, including ICT, roads, hydropower
Building bridges: China's growing role as infrastructure financier for Sub-Saharan Africa This book describes the status and funding of Sino-African projects. Vivien Foster World Bank
IMPACT OF CHINA – AFRICA INVESTMENT RELATIONS: AN IN-DEPTH CASE STUDY OF MAURITIUS This paper gives you a rich and detailed history of the relationship between Chinese investments and Mauritius. Vinaye D. Ancharaz and Baboo M. Nowbutsing University of Mauritius General Information
Mapping Chinese development assistance in Africa: An analysis of the experiences of Angola, Mozambique, Zambia and Zimbabwe This paper uses several African countries as case studies to explore Chinese development assistance. African Forum and Network on Debt and Development African Forum and Network on Debt and Development General Information
Chinese-funded institutions in Algeria Contact Form This website offers a contact form for Algeria's major Chinese-funded institutions that contains contact phone numbers. Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China General Information
How China Delivers Development Assistance This paper describes the Chinese approach to aid in Africa. Dr Martyn Davies with Hannah Edinger, Nastasya Tay & Sanusha Naidu Center for Chinese Studies General Information
Greater Africa-China Economic Cooperation: Will This Widen ‘Policy Space’? This document contains information about Exim Bank loans. Carlos Oya School of Oriental and African Studies, Centre for Development Policy and Research Export Finance
Guinea-Bissau: China Sees a Risk Worth Taking This paper explores the history of relations between China and Guinea-Bisau. Loro Horta Center for Strategic and International Studies Chinese state relations
Chinese-African trade relations This paper contains a list at the beginning of China-Africa aid projects. Reuters News Reuters News General Information
China’s Interest and Activity in Africa’s Construction and Infrastructure Sectors This paper evaluates China’s involvement in Africa’s construction and infrastructure sector. Centre for Chinese Studies, University of Stellenbosch Center for Chinese Studies Infrastructure, including ICT, roads, hydropower
Dams Planned for African Rivers This is a working document from 2006 meant to provide a basic synopsis of known, planned dams in Africa. International Rivers International Rivers Infrastructure, including ICT, roads, hydropower
Sino-Ugandan Relations This is a 2004 Uganda-China aid document from the government of China. Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Uganda Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Uganda Chinese state relations